Are you looking to purchase or invest in a Florida condominium, including a non-warrantable condominium? – David A. Krebs Licensed Mortgage Broker in Miami

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Met 1, 300 S Biscayne Boulevard, Unit 2816 Miami, FL REELESTATES.COM Looking for a commercial or residential loan? Non-Warrantable Condominium Financing. Financing Despite Recent Credit Events.

Refinancing a non-warrantable condo. Currently have a condo in irvine (primary residence) Having called around I am finding that banks don’t want anything do with non-warrantable properties. Find a Broker or Mortgage Lender, they will usually have more options to help you achieve your goals in.

Interest rates slowing home sales, mortgage data show Are you looking to purchase or invest in a Florida condominium, including a non-warrantable condominium? – David A. Krebs licensed mortgage broker in Miami Great to work with. – Royal United Mortgage LLC Sales, Software, Jumbo Products; Vendor News – In fact the number of people born in the United States last. to put their resources to work for you.

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Non-Warrantable Condominiums are condominium units that are in a condo building or complex that does not conform to conforming mortgage lending guidelines. Conventional Loans are called conforming loans because they conform to Fannie Mae and/or Freddie Mac Guidelines.

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 · Q) Is Now the Time to Buy Real Estate in Florida? A) No, In My Opinion It is Not a Good Time to Buy a Home in Florida. Why? It’s still a seller’s market, so buyers are paying more than they need to.; Prices won’t be going much higher, much longer, so if you can wait you will be better off.

David A. Krebs is a licensed mortgage broker, offering his clients access to a wide variety of residential as well as commercial loan products. With more than 15 years of experience in real estate lending, David has an extensive background in portfolio management, credit analysis and underwriting residential and commercial loans.