Diversity Is Not Our Strength

However, this is not the case in Toronto. On the contrary, the city has an appropriate, well-established, and pride-inducing proverb: diversity Our Strength.

Tucker: Our leaders are extremists about diversity The common keys are accepting diversity. necessary to harness the full strength of our city and refusing to accept.

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They’re not. They haven’t given it a thought and they don’t want you to give it a thought either. Diversity is our strength’ they shout. Its an inadequate response from inadequate leadership class.

This morning, one of the most outspoken immigration hawks in Washington decided to take to his Twitter account to send out a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. With today being MLK Day, Rep. Steve.

Tucker Carlson last night, and not for the first time, questioned the concept of diversity being our strength.

The Toledo Fire & Rescue Department wants to enlist the help of a local minority-owned creative firm to increase diversity in.

 · "Diversity is a strength” is one of those Orwellian maxims that’s just generally accepted as truth by most Americans despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Granted, if you’re.

"Diversity is our strength," he wrote, following up by posting photo of himself greeting a young syrian refugee. trump’s order was signed Friday afternoon, and halted refugee arrivals into the.

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 · The church must embrace our diversity as strength and not as a weakness. We must thank God for the wonder of the diversity of his creation and use it as he intended, so that all may be one and share his love with all.

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while our China business will import more from Europe [and South America],” said chairman wan long after its interim results.

Labour do not and should not have a monopoly on votes from certain communities. In the West Midlands, we are ensuring that inclusion is more than a buzzword’ – it’s an approach that is turning our.