Lake Mary High School Newsletter

This streak was broken in the 2013 season when Lake Mary secured a home-field victory against Lake Brantley by a score of 37-28. This rivalry is so big, lake mary high school has a pep rally on the day of the game against Lake Brantley, home or away – and the week of said game is often referred to as "Beat Brantley Week".

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Lake Mary High school principal dr. mickey Reynolds joined the school’s step team at a pep rally to connect with students, and she brought the house down.. Sign up for our newsletter.

On Wednesday, we defeated Windermere Preparatory School 5-1 to advance to 3-4 heading into regionals. This Saturday, our students traveled to Lake Mary Preparatory School. They shot like English bowmen of old, managing to claim between them the 1 st, 3 rd, 5 th, 6 th, 8 th, and 9 th positions.

Lake Mary High School is committed to the students’ personal development by utilizing curriculum that will focus on individual character and needs. Each course will provide strategies for.

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38TH ANNUAL LAKE MARY HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC BOOSTER CLUB. As of the middle of April, the softball team has a record of 5-13. The team had a dominating Senior Night win over rival Seminole by the.

Lake Mary High School Student Body – US News Best High Schools. Last fall, Lake Mary High School principal Dr. Donna "Mickey" Reynolds shocked her students when she joined the school’s step team in a pep rally performance that brought the house – and then. Jerry attended mount saint Mary’s Academy and graduated from Nevada Union High.

like to thank over 900 dedicated lake Mary High School student-athletes that represent our prestigious school in the classroom and in the athletic arena. We have a lot to live up to in 2015. But with the continued support of RAMNATION, Lake Mary High School and the Lake Mary Athletic Department can continue to reach for new heights and set new.

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8/30 – Football vs. Seminole at Home 5 p.m. (after school practice then a break) 9/3 – Practice 6:00-8 pm then at 8:10 New Orleans info meet in band room 9/10 – Band Booster meeting 7 p.m. in band room (Executive board at 6:30 pm)

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