Small Claims Courts and How They Work

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What kinds of cases are heard in small claims court? A small claims case is a civil action for a money judgment in which the amount of damages is $6,500 or less. An action for forcible entry and detainer arising out of a landlord tenant dispute can be brought in small claims court. In small claims court, cases are tried before a judge, not a jury.

Going to small claims court. You can use the small claims process for most contractual consumer problems, ranging from unfairly issued parking tickets to retailers who refuse to take responsibility for their faulty goods. There is a claim value limit that varies dependant on where you are in the UK.

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The Small Claims Court allows every citizen to bring a lawsuit in an informal manner and does not require that a party hire an attorney. You may hire an attorney if you want; however, in most instances you will not be able to get the other party to pay your legal fees even if you win unless there is some written agreement making the other party liable for your attorney’s fees.

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Although not required in Small Claims Court, any persons or businesses involved in the proceedings may be represented by a lawyer if they wish. Another aspect of a small claims proceeding is that a judge may ask to hear any evidence deemed relevant and proper, since the technical rules of evidence do not apply in a small claims proceeding.

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We do have some things that work for us, like the court system. Small claims is made for people to get redress. “I really didn’t expect to win anything – I knew some people had won but they seemed.